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At Grey Street Company, we’ve installed dozens (if not, hundreds) of commercial stone and tile flooring projects. Companies throughout Cincinnati know our name and trust us enough to recommend our work to their friends.

Our tile flooring work ranges from ceramic and porcelain tile to glass and quarry tile. We also utilize natural stone in our commercial stone flooring installations. Tile floors are longer lasting and require little to no maintenance.

If you want a floor that doesn’t mind a bit of water, tile and stone are both great solutions for your business.

Contact Grey Street Company today and allow us to come out for a free on-site estimate. We’re committed to offering great service and competitive rates. Count on our team for honesty and transparency in all we do.


Why Choose Stone & Tile Flooring?

Tile and stone floors both require very little maintenance. Because it’s moisture resistant, tile floors are often found in areas where water or spills might occur. Stone floors are made of a natural material, making them resistant to wear and weather.

Health & Medical

In the break rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens, there’s always a chance for spills and leaks. Tile and stone flooring are both perfect for cafeterias in hospitals and other health-related spaces.

Office Spaces

From the office bathroom to the break room where you employees coffee, tile and stone flooring are a perfect choice for any office.


If your store has bathrooms, tile floors are a reliable, moisture-resistant flooring option. Stone and tile are both great for grocery-specific stores in the chance of spills.

Government Facilities

Stone floors are highly durable and resistant to wear and weather, making them a great option for fast-paced government facilities and offices.

Worship Centers

If your church has a kitchen, you might consider stone flooring or tile installation. Both of these are simple to maintain and make cleaning a breeze.


School bathrooms should always have some type of easily cleaned flooring material. Tile floors are moisture resistant, so when kids get a little messy, clean up is no big deal.

If you’re considering choosing stone or tile floors for your commercial property, the gallery below might help you in the decision. Over the years, we’ve completed dozens of commercial stone floors and tile floor installations. Trust Grey Street Company for a job done right. Give us a call when you’re ready to get started.

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